SeedHPC Workshop Call for Papers (with PACT 2016 in Haifa)‏

SeedHPC: Seeding Future HPC Programming
As Part of PACT 2016 Dan Carmel, Haifa, Israel
September 11th, 2016, afternoon

Endorsed by the HiPEAC Network of Excellence

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**if you plan to submit a paper, please let us know in advance**
**by contacting Marisa Gil  **
**and Chris Fensch  **
* Paper Submission deadline **extended**: July 15th, 2016
* Author Notification: July 30th, 2016
* Camera-ready papers: August 16th, 2016
* Workshop date: September 11th, 2016


We are in a critical turning point in the HPC domain where new languages are 
needed to better exploit current and especially future technology, the 
paradigms of which are rapidly changing, as well as the problems to face 
from now to the future. While this change originates from HPC, it also 
affects many mainstream domains as well as parallel programming has become 

Current use of large datasets and high bandwidth memory and networks, and 
the increase of collaborative multidisciplinary projects, based on intensive 
computation and visualization, which we typically associate with 
supercomputing, have not yet become part of undergraduate courses.

The challenge now is how to introduce this new technology to undergraduate 
education and also include the necessary supercomputing tools in order to 
prepare students for future challenges, to facilitate the process of 
scientific progress.

In this workshop, we call for papers proposing new strategies to train students
for these challenging and rewarding domains, as well as to discuss open issues 
and investigate directions for broader student engagement.

Topics of Interest
This workshop would like to encourage submissions on any of (but not limited 
to) the following topics:

* critical topics to teach for the future,
* new programming approaches to deal with HPC systems,
* new programming languages facilitating student education,
* tools to facilitate identification of real problems,
* new tools to ease performance analysis and understanding of systems,
* ...


Papers should be limited to 6 pages, please use the same format as the PACT 
conference, see the PACT Paper Submission Information:

Submission: please send your paper by email to 
Marisa Gil  and Chris Fensch .

Papers publication



This workshop is organized within the PACT 2016 at the Dan Carmel hotel,
Haifa, Israel. Lunch and coffee breaks are included in the
registration fee. Attendees should register via the PACT registration
site, using the "PACT Workshops" category. The official language of
the conference is English.

Link to PACT 2016 registration:


Marisa Gil, UPC-BSC
Xavier Martorell, UPC-BSC 
Chris Fensch, Heriot-Watt University
Georgios Goumas, National Technical University of Athens

Program Committee

Koen De Bosschere, Ghent University
Dimitrios Nikolopoulos, Queen's University of Belfast
Avi Mendelson, Technion
Gladys Utrera, UPC
Pedro Trancoso, University of Cyprus
Lasse Natvig, NTNU
Javier Bueno, BSC
Toni Peña, BSC

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